Design System for Verizon Mobile

Design, Design Style, Minimalism

By Julian Hasse

The brand identity page of Brand Central shows all the assets integral to the branding of Verizon in one convenient spot, except for updated and available Mobile Guidelines. 

  • When I joined Verizon as UX Designer the current Design System lacked updated digital resources for Mobile, which added an extra layer of complexity and friction to the collaboration with developers and the rest of the stakeholders. 
  • I worked closely with project managers and developers on mobile style guides design, micro-interactions, and detailing both UI and UX specifications.

Verizon Mobile Style Guides Challenge


I conducted an extensive audit of the original Brand Style Guidelines for desktop applications and used the data as a foundation for the new Design System for Mobile. 

  • We analyzed more than 500 resources 
  • Digital assets were carefully curated and updated 
  • New responsive iconography was created for Mobile Apps
  • Micro-interactions and motion was included for the first time in Verizon’s Design Language

Project Highlights

  • Led visual designers in development of responsive, cross platform digital brand system.
  • Worked hands on while managing designers work, providing mentorship and direction.
  • Developed stimulus for tests on all phases of project work.
  • Managed designers in the development of prototypes.
  • Led a team of motion and experience designers to create vision work for switchers journey; collaborated with Content Studio and writers to create the final product.

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